Location:Mcarthur, CA

About Skytkaido: Females who want to rp text me! 530-249-5312 Status: taken by my wife hoshitakayami123 Slave: Hoshi Name: Skyt Kaido Race: Demonic Angel Age: Appears around 18, actual age unknown. Eyes: Red, changes tones depending on mood. Hair: Silver/ghost white. Mildly long for a male. Height: 5' 11'' Weight: 140lbs Weapons of choice: Prefers hands and claws, but has a forbidden Scythe known as "Renshikimaru" which has very strong Demonic properties. Most of the time, even too strong for Skyt, which is why he rarely bring it out. Abilities: Zero - Also know as "Ground Zero." A condensed blast made from darkness that was originally used to level cities. Skyt can use a lower level of it. Stronger if the darkness is taking over. Blink - A form of flash step allowing him to move distances in the blink of an eye. Not yet masted. Dark Aura - Condensed darkness that becomes visible when Skyt losses control and harms all it touches. It can't be killed, but it can be locked back in Skyt and harmed. It has a mind of its own for the most part. Blood possession - When Skyt losses control he has the ability to take possession of his own blood, in and out of his body. Darkened slash - When in possession of the "Renshikimaru", or when darkened by his demonic power, Skyt has the ability to manifest the darkness into the form of a blast and can be projected from his claws or the scythe.